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Unit Desk & Mail

The Unit 1 Administrative desk services Unit 1, Jackson Graduate House, and Channing-Bowditch Apartments. It is located underneath the north part of the courtyard in the central building. The desk is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm except on administrative holidays. The office number is (510) 642-3141. There are a variety of services that are available at the desk:

Lockout Keys
If you lock yourself out of your room, you can stop by the unit desk when it is open to sign out a lockout key. That key must be returned within 15 minutes. For lockouts when the unit desk is closed, you will need to contact the RA on Duty to be let into your room.

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Lost/Stolen keys
To ensure the security of your room or suite, it is important to notify the unit desk as soon as you realize your key is lost or has been stolen. There is a $50 charge for lost keys for each room and if it is a suite or apartment, residents are charged $75 since all suite or apartment door locks must be re-keyed and re-issued. If you lose your key in the elevator shaft, you will be charged prevailing labor wages for an electrician to retrieve the key. The charge is non-refundable as the room locks are changed typically within 24 hours upon notification.

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Lost & Found
The unit desk does have a lost and found. Usually if items are left in common areas, the custodial staff or RA on Duty will turn these items into the unit desk or at the buildings Security Monitor (SM) booth. Be sure to check both!

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The unit desk has a few carts that can be checked out for no longer than 1 hour. To get a cart, you need to be a resident of Unit 1 and leave your Cal ID card with the desk. Carts are also located in certain SM booths and are available to be checked out during SM booth hours. Carts checked out from the unit desk must be returned by 5pm to the unit desk. Carts checked out from from the SM booth must be returned by 3am when the SM booth closes.

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Maintenance Issues
The Central Maintenance staff works hard to keep the rooms and common areas in good condition. If a problem arises, there are a few ways to report them outlined below. Each request will be given a priority based on the other projects throughout the housing unit. Please be as specific as possible about the problem and its location when reporting them.

To report a non-emergency maintenance concerns (broken shelf, closet door off track, light burned out, bed frame coming apart, etc):
  • Fill out the maintenance request online form!
  • Stop by the unit desk when it's open and fill out a maintenance tag
  • Call down to report the problem (though this is not preferred)
Should any maintenance concern not be addressed within 7 days AFTER being reported, please follow up with the Unit 1 front desk directly. If the problem still is not addressed or has become an emergency, please notify your RA.

To report emergency maintenance concerns (overflowing toilet, electrical issues, broken glass, blood/vomit/bodily fluid spill, elevator broken down, serious safety concern, etc):
  • Immediately notify the unit desk in person or by calling down.
  • Immediately notify the RA on Duty when the unit desk is closed

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The Mailroom is located right next to the unit desk. The mailroom does NOT sell stamps.

The Mailroom processes thousands of pieces of mail for residential students. Please use the correct mailing address and the resident's full name or else mail may be delayed and possibly returned to the sender. For the address of Unit 1 residents, please see below for your address and use the building abbreviations to indicate the building (i.e. Deutsch 207 = DE 207).

Full Name
2650 Durant Ave. DE-207
Berkeley, CA 94720-2274
CH - Cheney
CN - Christian
DE - Deutsch
FR - Freeborn
PU - Putnam
SL - Slottman

All residents have been issued a mailbox that corresponds to their room and building. Resident's room keys will open up their mailbox. Mail is delivered to the Unit 1 Mail Room Monday-Saturday from the Berkeley Post Office and is generally sorted each day by 4:30pm. We do ask for your patience in that sorting mail for over 1,400 residents takes some time!

Residents may receive packages through USPS, Federal Express, UPS, or any other packaging company. If the package is too large to fit in a resident's mailbox, the resident will receive a package slip in their mailbox indicating that they have a package. Residents may then pick up their package from the mailroom desk (right next to the unit desk). Residents must always provide the package slip along with their Cal ID card or other form of official picture identification to retrieve their package. Certified mail will also follow the same process.

Shipping services and stamps are not available at the front desk. Residents may purchase stamps at the Postal Office at 2525 1/2 Durant Avenue. Residents may deliver outgoing mail (via USPS) at the Unit 1 Mail Room in the appropriate slot. Forwarding of mail and change of address can only be done through Bear Facts. The US Postal Service will not process change of addresses for students living in the residence halls. Shipping of larger items can be arranged through local UPS store or other couriers.

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